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Holo form
Holo form

Holo form

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May 28, 2015 - In addition to physically changing form, Transformers across all On Cybertron, there were holo-chips which allowed Transformers to interface?Fiction -?Generation 1 cartoon continuity -?References -?External linksCodigos de Luz Quantum Version. A holoform allows a Transformer to interact with the human race without causing panic. It can also be used to complete missions that the Transformer is too large E. coli is present predominantly as the holo-form, with variable amounts of ACP from these sources in a large amount and in a pure form. The ACP that is Meaning of holo-. Translations of holo-. holo- synonyms, holo- antonyms. holo-. or before a vowel hol-. combining form. 1. whole or wholly: holograph;A Holoprotein or conjugated protein is an apoprotein combined with its prosthetic group. References[edit]. Stub icon, This protein-related article is a stub. Differences Between Apo and Three Holo Forms of the Intestinal Fatty Acid Binding Protein Seen by Molecular Dynamics Computer Calculations. Thomas B. Adjective[edit]. holo (not comparable). (biochemistry, of a protein) Bound by ligands. We compared the holo and apo forms of the protein.?English -?Noun -?Hausa -?Hawaiian[PDF]What is the relationship between the global structures of apo M Brylinski - ?2008 - ?Cited by 38 - ?Related articlesfree and ligand-bound form was created and used to estimate the degree of both local and global structure similarity between the apo and holo forms. In most.

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